Our vineyards

Our vineyards

Only 1.2% of Argentinian wine is produced  in Salta, but this production is entirely  dedicated to the best quality wines.


  • Basement from Precambrian times (4900-542 million years ago).
  • Alluvial origin.
  • Loamy sandy texture.
  • Cabonate content.
  • Low in Nitrogen, organic matter and phosphorus.

Semiarid, high solar radiation.


  • Snows in the higher peaks. Ocasional snows in the valley. Dry and template in the lower areas, cold in the higher altitudes.
  • 197 mm per year rain.
  • Winds predominant from NW and W, very dry.
  • Temperature gap 20-24ºC.
  • Vines cultivated between 1700 to 3111 mts.
  • Intense UV radiation.


We respect to the maximum the good qualities of grapes from biodynamic agriculture.

We understand viticulture from a sustainable point of view, in perfect harmony with the earth and the universe. For two years we have implemented practices without using agrochemicals to make a natural and organic wine.